- mushroom spawn and kits for mushroom cultivation

Zavod za naravoslovje (Institute of natural sciences) is a nonprofit institution established in 1998. Under guidance of three PhD experts novel medicinal mushrooms cultivation techniques and medicinal mushroom food supplements are developed. Strong cooperation with research institutes and companies in Slovenia and abroad was established, with research work mostly focused on medicinal mushroom cultivation, medicinal compounds extraction and testing of their pharmacological activities.

Study of mushroom polysaccharides composition

Mushroom extracts and concentrates preparation

Studies of mushroom extract pharmacological activities

Experiments from the applicative mycology field including medicinal and edible mushroom cultivation, mycoremediation (use of fungi to protect and clean up polluted environment) are conducted daily in our lab.

Testing of different mycoremediation technologies

We are spreading knowledge of medicinal and edible mushroom cultivation, especially for hobby and commercial growers, for restoration of abandoned farms across Slovenia and employment of invalids and elderly people.

Rooms for substrate incubation

We are introducing environment friendly techniques of agricultural leftovers use as mushroom cultivation substrates.

Grifola frondosa on substrate composed of agricultural leftovers

Experimenting with different methods of spreading endangered fungal species in their natural habitats and their use for reduction of negative impact humans have on environment is one of our research topics.

Experiments with spreading of endangered fungal species in natural habitats

Lots of our work is focused on studying medicinal mushroom use in daily diet and treatment of different illnesses with medicinal mushroom food supplements. We regularly acquaint the public about the broad spectrum of use medicinal mushrooms offer to humans.

Medicinal mushrooms presentation

In the past few years most of our work is focused on medicinal mushrooms cultivation. From these mushroom species we produce extracts, tinctures, food supplements, teas etc.

Inoculation of mushroom cultivation substrates

Cultivation of reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

Mushroom drying and processing site

All our work is based on working with nature as much as possible, meaning in our production process we use only 100% organically certified raw materials, do not use artificial chemicals and are trying to use as much recyclable materials as possible. All our products are 100% organic certified and are 100% vegetarian. Our facility is situated in a quiet and clean natural environment, contributing a lot to our work quality and consecutively to the quality of our products.

In coexistence with nature



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